Album: N/A
Producer: Mike Will Made It
Label: Interscope

"We did 'Dead Broke' before we did 'No Tomorrow.' I was bringing up the darker beats for Chief Keef because that's what we were doing but he couldn't come up with a hook. He was like, 'I'll probably get somebody else. I'll get 50 [Cent] on the hook, or you can let somebody else do the hook.' Sometimes he's just good with doing the verses, he didn't come with the hook first. He ended up laying down that verse and we went on to another song we got called 'On It.' After that, we did 'No Tomorrow.'


With a song like 'Dead Broke,' I feel like anybody like us that's coming from the bottom can relate to it. I like Chief Keef.


"I just had his verse on 'Dead Broke' with the beat. I took it to a session and I told Future about it. I know Future is good at coming up with hooks, so I was like, 'Chief Keef laid down this verse right quick. That would be ill if you did the hook.' Future heard the verse and he just went straight in booth and did it.

"With a song like 'Dead Broke,' I feel like anybody like us that's coming from the bottom and whatnot can relate to it. It's on that scheming and robbing-type shit. I like Chief Keef. He's a young cat coming up. He already had respect for my beats. He was telling me a lot of the beats he was getting in the past were like Mike WiLL Made It-sounding beats. He would download them off YouTube, so the was respect already there. He listens and takes direction when we were in the studio. We had an easy vibe. He'd pick what beats he wanted, we'd do the song, and we were just in there chilling and cracking jokes. He likes shopping, I like shopping. It was really all good."