Although his extraordinarily generic name might suggest otherwise, Young Thug is an eccentric rapper from Atlanta who first gained notoriety with Ca$h Out (of "Cashin Out"fame) over regional hit, "I Got It" and the Rich Kidz' exuberant "100 Dollar Autograph."

Towards the end of 2011, he dropped a tape, I Came from Nothing Vol. 2, which featured odd, disjointed cuts like "Curtains" and disintegrating pop songs like "Keep in Touch." It was a refreshingly original project, as Young Thug took the style from Lil Wayne's creative peak and used it as a baseline for experimenting.

Young Thug dropped another tape in 2012, but, for most of the year, it seemed that his momentum had slowed. "Against Me," though, is a promising sign. The hook has an optimistic, familial energy. The beat, courtesy of Ferrari Smash, is enthusiasm incarnate, which is an unusual contrast to the song's typical lyrics (i.e. "Retaliation is a must for ME!")

Listen to the track below: