Birdy Nam Nam's name has been in the mouths of today's EDM fan for two reasons: their affiliation with Skrillex's OWSLA imprint, and a track of theirs being featured on A$AP Rocky's debut album. This DJ quartet is made up of four Frenchmen from the group Scratch Action Hiro, which won the 2000 DMC World Team Championship; as Birdy Nam Nam, they ended up taking the 2002 DMC World Team Championship.

Their love for dance music turned into more EDM production after the release of their first album, and they have been on a role, with Skrillex's affiliation in 2011 really sparking the current wave of adulation they are receiving. Their Jaded Future EP contained two remixes of their track "Goin' In" by Skrillex, of which the "Goin' Hard" version is one we considered to be part of 2012's best.

Birdy Nam Nam's Defiant Order EP is out today, and is already receiving glowing accolades. In this interview, Nappy caught up with Birdy Nam Nam backstage at a Philly show to get some more insight in how they work their EDM magic, from a more hip-hop way of thinking. We've also got some sick visuals from their performance - check out how these DJs work!

Shouts to DEFINATE Films for filming and editing this feature.