Gunplay is so unpredictable, but everyone knows that by now. Before Cops & Robbers drops on January 18, we can all be incredibly entertained by one of his most recent interviews. In it, the topics are unorthodox, ranging from losing his virginity to his stance on socks to UFO conspiracy theories. Read the latter quote below, and the full interview at the P&P link. 

Oh, man. Alright. Now, look. I’m just going to say this because I don’t really know what’s going on. I think UFOs are a government conspiracy. Sometimes, I do think there are some other things out there. But, the scales are tipping more towards a government conspiracy. This is what I believe. I think the whole alien shit is a hoax. When the New World Order comes into play, just like when Ronald Reagan said in his inaugural speech, when America and Russia was going through it in the Cold War back in the day, I’ll never forget it, the man said, “You know what will bring mankind together as one world order? If life from another planet was to invade the Earth and humanity as one had to stick together and be as one well then we will find peace amongst the world. If an alien invasion was to happen.” On everything that I love. Now, you’ve already set the tone. Now, recently, you have so much UFO activity, the shit is crazy. You have to ask yourself what the fuck is that shit they’re spraying in that sky every single fucking day everywhere across the world.

It’s chem trails in the sky. You ever see how they make a tic-tac-toe in the sky everyday, everywhere you go? All the way around the world. Tomorrow morning, you’ll wake up and you’ll see the tic-tac-toe sign everywhere. So, now, what happened was, motherfuckers was like what the fuck is that? Shit’s coming down. It has to come down. Particles come down so a motherfucker caught it in a clear jar, the water in it. The shit came down. They took it to a lab. And it’s barium, strontium and some other type of metal. What it’s used for? If you wanted to make a visual 3-D thing in the sky to take over a wide area to make a lightshow, they would fill the air around that area with those elements. That makes the sky a LCD stream. They’ve been spraying that shit in the atmosphere for years. It’s going to be so much in the atmosphere that the satellites can beam down and create anything they want. They’re controlling that shit. You have to do your homework.

That’s not the only thing they do that for. You got to think about it. They experimented with that in warfare, back in the ’40s. They experimented with that same 3-D hologram shit. With them Arabs and shit, they would have Allah come before them and tell them to put down their fucking guns. They would be like I seen it, God told us to put our guns down and niggas would surrender their weapons because their God just appeared in front of them. They can put whatever in front of you. In this region, they’re going to put Jesus Christ to save you. Soon they’re going to say “come to the FEMA camps, we’ll take care of you” and then they’re going to murk everybody. They’re going to gas your ass. I’ve watched Alex Jones, know about Area 51. My company is named Bilderberg Group. I’m intrigued by it, really. They control what you eat, what you watch, what you wear, your style, what kind of gas you’re using. They run that shit, that’s the real mob.

[via Pigeons & Planes]