Here's some sexually suggestive trap-flavored beats for the late-night crew. We recently showcased Ta-Ku's work on the decks, and featured a track from this LFTF-presented Make It Last EP, but had no idea the full, four-track project was so beautiful. This EP seems to be driven by a love for classic r&b, judging by the source material for a few of the tracks, and he ends up taking it to the inner-sanctum of the trap spirit. Something to throw on repeat while you're engaging in that heavy-petting with your significant other.

While Re Twerk was Ta-Ku's emergence into the collective consciousness, Make It Last really highlights where he can go when putting his mind to it, even if the theme is pretty scant. Make It Last makes us wish he had some kind of album project on the horizon, so we could soak an entire hour or two with his delicate aural escapades.