Towards the end of 2012, the duo known as Crookers split up. While Phra is continuing on with the Crookers name, Bot went on his own. The split was amicable, and fruitful, as Bot has been in the studio crafting a bunch of material:

"After leaving Crookers, I spent the last three months locked in the studio cave doing new music and having fun doing it, like the nerdy kid I am. I have also been collaborating with young and exciting producers such as Astronomar and Heartbreak, as well as with fellow aspiring top chef participant Tai."

Word is this is just a taste of what you can expect from Bot; Mad Decent/Jeffrees are scheduled to drop some of his material in March. This mix should comfort anyone who was questioning how this split would harm the sound. In a word, they rock just as hard as they did before.


1. Bot - Trails
2. Bot - One Hour
3. Bot - African Mning
4. Bot - Indastria
5. Bot vs Tai - Nuthin But Fire
6. Bot vs Astronomar - Ghetto Box
7. Bot vs DJ Orion - Vamos!
8. Bot - Go Down
9. Bot vs Tai - Roof Top
10. Bot vs Tai - Overpriced
11. Bot vs David Heartbreak - Ben Hur