Mixtape: Street Lottery
Producer: Zaytoven

Since the regional success of Young Scooter's "Colombia" last year, the Atlanta street rapper has been looking to take some major steps going into 2013. His style is simple but purposeful; gritty and raw; he floats at the beat, rather than falling deep into the pocket. His latest tape, Street Lottery, has a few cuts worthy of attention, from the rare Ma$e comeback "Made It Threw the Struggle" to the springtime optimism of Travis Porter feature "Beautiful Day."

One of the best side effects of his rise is the re-emergence of producer Zaytoven; his beat for last year's Scooter highlight "Fake Rappers" was more baroque and detailed than the stripped-down sound of his most productive era alongside Gucci Mane. "Nothin' Important Than Money" is another step in the right direction. With gentle keyboard tones gliding along in a steady eighth-notes pattern, the beat is a perfect marriage to Scooter's rhythmically loose delivery. All of the song's parts seem to move in orbit rather than lockstep.