There's something inherently hilarious about Soulja spitting double-time over Jahlil tracks. Jahlil is most-known for working with Meek Mill; the duo work so well together because Meek has an athlete's approach to rapping, muscular and precise, the result of years of practice and attention to craft. Jahlil's production is an obstacle course of sound, giving deft rappers a chance to exercise their skill and lyrical prowess in peak form.

Soulja jabs at the beat with a high-energy verse, losing track of the rhythm at various times in a way that seems not quite intentional but not entirely accidental, either. It isn't the kind of thing one would point to as an example of hip-hop mastery, but of course, Soulja isn't trying to compete with Meek. As a one-off, it's an unexpectedly amusing step in the career-long game of live-action role playing that is Soulja's rap career.