Label: Def Jam, Columbia, CBS

Big Boi: "He was one of my favorite MCs coming up. I had that tape as well. I might've been in the 5th or 6th grade or something like that, and he was just the coolest rapper on the planet. Him and Big Daddy Kane were just the coolest guys ever. And not just for the roast. He spit game. He was one of the greatest storytellers of all time, when it comes to hip-hop music. And that was just a great record. You could visualize the words and things he was saying. He was so cool. I'm all about the cool shit.

"Yeah, he was on 'Da Art of Storytellin'' remix, and then me and him did 'Street Talkin'' for his record. We were like, 'Who better to get on this remix than the greatest ever to tell a story?' And we did it, recorded it, went out to L.A. to shoot the video, and everybody had fur coats to the floor. I had my hair permed-out, pressed down flat like a pimp, ya' feel me? That was a real good time. We had the puppets in the video, too. It was real good. They tried to charge me 40 goddamn thousand dollars for one of them puppets."