Label: Wondaland Arts Society, Bad Boy

Big Boi: "Janelle Monae is one of the few artists that I've signed, besides Killer Mike and Vonnegutt. I like to develop artists and all that, but one thing about her and that whole Wondaland crew is that they had vision. And the way they put the songs together, the whole album is like a movie. And just to be a part of the whole project, and introduce her to the world, I feel really blessed. And I'm actually co-executive producing this next record of hers, too. She's signed to me, so I did a joint deal with Bad Boy with her. 

"[When I first met her], she was singing background for this guy Scar that I had signed to Purple Ribbon, and she would be around Stankonia. A little cute little girl, with a little afro. And I caught her at an open mic night at Justin's one night, and told her I wanted her to be on the team. She said, "Yes, Daddy."