Label: Tuff Gong, Island

Big Boi: "[Bob Marley and Kate Bush] are my favorite artists of all time. It's the social commentary in the music. Bob stood for something. He stood for people. And he was definitely against injustice. And I'm the same way. I've been reading these bogus-ass article headlines like, 'Big Boi Slams Obama.' They said I slammed Obama because I said I'm pro-freedom and I'm pro-civil rights. They try to take your words and twist them up. That's the whole thing behind Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors.

"But Bob is definitely for the people, and I'm for the people. I feel like I definitely have a voice, and I want to touch people across the world, and teach and enlighten people on what's going on. And encourage people to think for themselves. I love independent thinkers. And that's what Bob Marley is to me.

"The title track is definitely [one of my favorites]. 'Crazy Baldheads' is one of my favorites, 'So Much Trouble,' and another one of my favorites is 'Sun Is Shining.'"