Label: Purple Ribbon, Def Jam

Big Boi: "[I included this] because of the journey I took to make it. Coming off of Idlewild, and getting back in the studio, I was just really tapping into a new stream of sounds, and really completing a thought. It was my first [solo] album that wasn't tied to an Outkast album, so it meant a lot. Lyrically, it was on some kill shit. I really just took it out on the music. 

"When I perform the songs at a show, that's when I get total gratification, because people love this music. Even to this day, if I do a concert that's an hour and a half, the catalog is so vast that trying to pick the songs that I will use is crazy. I got so much music from Southernplayalistic all the way up to now Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors. It's one hellified show. My band kills shit."