What They Dissed: Tha G-Code (1999)

What They Said: "I could've did way better. I actually think that 'U Understand' was one of the more creative songs on that album, but again it was a spinoff of 'Ha.' I shouldn't have ever did a song like that. You get exhausted man...I was like, 'Man, I can't run 24/7, two to three years in a row.' I needed a break." - Juvenile

Juvenile came out the gate as a teen in 1995 with a fire in his belly. With vivid lyricism to match his quick wit and a magnetic southern drawl, people quickly gravitated toward him, and his third album 400 Degreez eventually turned him into a household name across the country. Extensive touring, numerous video shoots, and constant requests to be everywhere, the New Orleans rapper soon found himself struggling to finish his follow-up project Tha G-Code a year later. As he puts it, we can only do so much as humans.