What They Dissed: L.A.X. (2008)

What They Said: "I gave you The Documentary, shit was a classic/Gave you Doctor's Advocate, you ripped it out the package/Came with L.A.X., since critics said it was average/I was stressed the fuck out torn between Aftermath and Geffen." - "The City"

Aside from the vexing task of navigating through limitless name drops, Game has always been pretty bi-polar honest. His debut The Documentary is a classic, while his follow-up was an admirable project that proved he could survive without Dr. Dre or 50 Cent by his side. When it came to L.A.X. though, the Compton rapper lacked the demeanor that made him a figurehead for gangster rap's revival. Never one to leave a stone unturned, Game acknowledged this on the Kendrick Lamar-assisted record "The City."