Date: April 2011

During a show at Brooklyn's former Southpaw venue, Freddie Gibbs bashed Lil B for his lyrical content and the way he presents himself as an artist. He later went on to clarify saying that he liked Lil B at first but now the joke has gone too far, even calling his actions a "modern day minstrel show." Of course, Lil B responded with positivity in an interview with MTV

"I have nothing to prove because, you know I've been through struggles and I want to be happy now, and I want to live a happy live. I pick and choose what I wanna. It's things you do and something's you don't do. These guys have their opinion. As an adult, how I want to live my life, I can take a step back and breathe, before I react to something. Some of the words they might have said that might have been the best, or whatever, but at the end of the day, rap is rap. Rap draws emotions. I have my opinion and they have theirs…some people just miss it."