Date: October 2011

In an interview with Complex, A$AP Rocky went in on Lil B, saying: 

“Don’t get it twisted: I don’t fuck with Lil B or that 'I’m Gay' shit. But as a kid, as a person, I probably would fuck with him. I’m not getting on the record about him anymore. I like the, ‘Woop! Woop!’ but I can’t.

“He wears my grandmother's earrings. [Laughs.] I’m just being serious. It’s not going down. I mean, I can’t talk but this nigga be wilding. The nigga said, 'I’m Gay' and [in parenthesis put], I’m happy. Come on, Brandon. What are you doing? That’s all I can say.”

And then Lil B had a hilarious response in an interview with XXL

“[Rocky] doesn’t realize I’m like the young Lil Wayne of the generation for us, minus the money,” he added.