10 Music Industry Heads Who Should Be A&Rs

DJ Teknikz

Organization: Street Execs Management
Instrumental in the rise of: Travis Porter, 2 Chainz

I have to shout out CEO Charlie, who started Street Execs along with Teknikz. We can't include Charlie on this list because he’s an industry guy. But Teknikz was a DJ in Atlanta and he was the first one on Travis Porter. Every Travis Porter mixtape has Teknikz on it.

More importantly, Teknikz was quintessential in the comeback of 2 Chainz. Every 2 Chainz mixtape has Teknikz’ name on it. Teknikz and Charlie found Chainz and they were like, "You’re incredible. Why is no one on you?"


Teknikz was quintessential in the comeback of 2 Chainz. Go back on every 2 Chainz mixtape and Teknikz’ name on it.


According to an AlLindstrom interview, Chainz was iffy about them but he eventually fucked with them because he saw their work ethic. Teknikz was behind the Chainz comeback and he manages Chainz now. Then Tek went on the road with Chainz and helped mold him. Look at the success Chainz has last year: He had a No. 1 album and he’s on everyone’s song from A$AP Rocky to Justin Bieber.

Tek is Chainz’ manager now so he’s kind of an industry guy, but he was a DJ first in Atlanta and in the South East he’s seen as a big tastemaker. Dudes are begging him to do another mixtape right now. Tek made his name off of mixtapes, he learned the mixtape game, and then he helped build 2 Chainz and Travis Porter. Now he’s got Jose Guapo—who Complex named as one of the 10 Atlanta Rappers To Watch. Charlie is definitely influential, but Tek is the tastemaker. He’s seeing what’s hot in the streets and he’s making it hotter.

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