10 Music Industry Heads Who Should Be A&Rs

DJ Dirrty a.k.a. J Dirrt

Organization: Ballers Eve
Instrumental in the rise of: Trinidad James, Yelawolf, Freddie Gibbs, Pill

J Dirrt lives in New York but he’s from Atlanta and he’s very influential in the #NewAtlanta scene. He has a radio show called Ballers Eve on EVR that they do every Wednesday. They’re the only show in New York dedicated to the South. He also throws dope parties in Brooklyn called Ballers Eve where they’re bringing that Atlanta sound to New York so he’s the transporter. He’s the only real straight-up DJ behind that. He’ll be behind a 2 Chainz or a Future before anyone in New York.

Dirrt has got the ear to the new sounds in Atlanta. He was the first person in the North East that was on acts like Future, Freddie Gibbs, and Pill before many A&Rs. He has all these parties where he draws a very big crowd and he’s playing those records. If you go to Enids on a Saturday night he’s playing Trinidad James, Scotty ATL, Two-9. With his parties, he has the access to a test audience.


Those early “cool” kids who are gonna tell you what’s cool four months from now, they’re paying attention to what J Dirrt is doing.


Plus, he’s not biased. A lot of times New York dudes will sit down and be like, "I don’t fuck with Future, I don’t get it, I don’t understand it." Even A&Rs do that. But he’s never going to do that. He’s going to sit down and learn why it’s hot before anybody else is—because he’s a DJ—and he’s going to play those records and get it hot. That’s why he’s so important.

Ballers Eve itself is a brand. It’s been around for nine years and they do so much dope shit around the country. So a Yelawolf will come up, they’ll find him, they’ll play the records, they’ll put it through the Baller’s Eve network and people will know who Yelawolf is before the "Trunk Muzik" video drops, before A3C and everybody is on Yela’s dick.

Same thing with Trinidad James, his tape has been out for six months and no one cared. Then J Dirrt set it up and Trinidad does a million views on the same record they’ve been pushing for six months because he’s got that ear. He knows a hot record, he knows Trinidad is a star, and he knows that shit will work.

There’s a scene in Atlanta that’s about to blow up. Dirrt is not in Atlanta but he’s bringing it out here. Those early “cool” kids who are going to tell you what’s cool four months from now, they’re paying attention to what J Dirrt is doing. It’s because he’s so early on shit. He deserves a lot of credit.

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