When it comes to technology, the DJ is king. Don't take the insane tour riders or Grammy wins for granted: DJs are nerds first, and when new tech hits the streets, DJs hop on early. The problem is, having the knowledge of the tech doesn't make you the best at using it.

Twitter is one such tool. Many feel that they "get" social media, but if a DJ tweets yet doesn't engage, does their account really get followed? It's all about what you do with the 140 characters you're given, and some DJs use the platform better than others. Retweeting provocative pictures, starting up interesting conversations with their followers, or showing their bugged-out personality, are all examples of how these DJs understand and utilize twitter as a tool that can work wonders for helping people understand them. If EDM is advancing towards the mainstream, you need a person to grab hold of, and these DJs know that.