"That’s not even an album, that’s just something we threw together in a week, just so I could have something for people to listen to. I just wanted to do something cohesive. Just something as a form of liberation. I was in a dark mood. I just wanted to just kinda relax and escape the world. So that’s why everything is, like, really vibe-y. It’s not necessarily what the album is going to be. It’s gonna still be cohesive, cause it’s the same producers. But that’s just me, my frustrations. That’s why everybody’s like it sounds high. It sounds real euphoric. Cause I was fuckin’ about to lose my mind. 


The power of good music still lives and it’s still strong. It’s just a lost art. But the power is not any less. Every time it’s been done right it wins.


"The reaction has been great so far. It wasn’t supposed to catch on like that. It was just for people who were looking for Elijah Blake, and who he was as an artist, while we’re waiting for the single to come out, for them to find that. But then when people find it, it’s bigger than any skins or banners you can buy. Cause once people find it, it’s like—people want to put people up on new shit. That’s all I’m seeing on Twitter: “If you ain’t got this Elijah Blake EP you sleep." And I think it’s hilarious. But if it wasn’t good people wouldn’t be on it like that. 

"To me the biggest lesson i’ve learned... it just goes to show the power of good music. That EP was not something that I overthought. It was just something that I felt and I had to put it there. But there was an emotion behind the reason of me doing it. It touched people and it communicated with people.

"Honestly I just wanted to put material out there so people could stop saying, “Hey man I heard you on this song with Rick Ross—what do you sound like in your own element? Or hey man I heard you on this song with Game, what do you sound like on your own shit. Or with Keyshia. Or I know you did “Climax” but what do you sound like?

"I think that’s been the coolest thing just to see. Oh shit, the power of good music still lives and it’s still strong. It’s just a lost art. But the power is not any less. Every time it’s been done right it wins... Like if you look at somebody like Lauryn Hill who just said forget all the gimmicks and everything and formula, I’m just gonna sing about something real and where I’m at. It wins. Adele, while everybody’s doing that EDM thing, she’s like I’m not fuckin' happy. I just got out of a bad relationship. And it wins.

"I wanted people to hear where I’m at after doing my deal. Like my life changed at 22. Everything changed for me. And I can’t share that with anybody. It’s the biggest year of my life. And the album won’t come out till next year. By then I’ll be in a whole nother mindset. So let me just put this out for me, for my liberation. And when people heard it, I guess it just connected with them. Everybody faces stressful times. People felt it. People did. And it was even surprising to me."