Date: November 21

A few years ago, stories would pop up often in which rappers would have their chains taken. 50 Cent in Angola; Tyga at the hands of 40 Glocc; Yung Berg in New York, Detroit, Chicago, London. For whatever reason, they don't happen anymore, perhaps because they're no longer as ridiculous and specific as they once were. (Yung Berg's resembled a Transformers character. Honestly.) In November, French Montana posted an interesting item to his Instagram account—how often do you say that?—of a Jesus piece, a braid, and a couple of watches. Like!

But wait, Soulja Boy posted the same photo 18 hours earlier! (Well, not exactly the same: naturally, it had a different filter. French used the XPro II, because he's no amateur at stealing photos.) BUT WAIT AGAIN! French Montana had initially posted that same photo an entire day earlier than that, so where did that photo—oh my God who even cares.

They should upload this portrait of themselves to Instagram —> :( :(