Date: December 1

Ryan Leslie is a true talent. He has a great ear: he can play piano, bass, guitar, drums, and write hooks with the best of them. He has a keen intellect, as a Harvard graduate. He has a terrific sense of community, having figured out very early that if he videoed his entire professional life (from recording songs, to performing on tour, to business meetings), his talents could live on forever.

The other side of that coin is that even the bad videos live on forever. One such video is Leslie's 2010 plea to get his stolen laptop back, with the promise of $1 million to the person who returned it. The laptop was returned by German auto-repair-shop owner Armin Augstein, but the money was not handed over, and soon Ryan Leslie found himself in court.

On November 28, 2012, a jury of Leslie's peers ruled that he must pay Mr. Augstein the reward, just as tough, the NY Post published Ryan and his verdict on the next morning's cover. Worse still, Ryan Leslie broke down in tears days later on stage before burning the Post cover. Everything was, of course, caught on video, and will, for better or for worse, live on forever.