Date: September 14

Was it really just last year that Kreayshawn dropped "Gucci Gucci" and earned her seven-figure deal over at Sony? Ugh, memories.

Let's recount what happened afterwards: Her "sister" V-Nasty got her in trouble for repeatedly saying the N-word, she toured without learning how to hold a microphone, she made fun of Rick Ross until he tried to confront her, V-Nasty kept saying the N-word and put out a project with Gucci Mane, and somehow Kreayshawn didn't put out a second single for 11 months.

675,360, no, wait, 675,345 minutes later, her album dropped with a deafening thud, scanning a little over 3,000 units in sales. Pretty bad for a girl who got 40 million YouTube views on a whim.