Date: September 27

A little background on Karmin: They are a duo that got very popular on YouTube for their cutesy covers of rap songs. (Think Zooey Deschanel with a microphone in hand: a ton of eye-rolling, some noodling on instruments, no cursing.) Their renditions of "Look At Me Now" and "Super Bass" had Amy do a spoof-y karaoke version of all of the players involved, and it earned them a pretty splashy record deal with Sony.

Unfortunately, while it's an interesting gimmick to some, rapping other people's hits in the neutered fashion of Kidz Bop doesn't sell singles. (That's what they're working with Dr. Luke for!) So, Karmin made "Brokenhearted," a dance-y number where they shoehorned some rap in at the end, no big whoop.

Anyway, in 2012, they were awarded Rolling Stone's coveted honor of "Women Who Rock." There's a number of problems with this: 1.) Half of the duo (Nick) is not female; 2.) They don't rock, nor do they play rock music; 3.) There are many more deserving female or partial-female acts. But, congratulations, Nick and Amy. Once again, you took something that wasn't yours and made it your own.