Date: September 11

Give the producer Bangladesh an opportunity to ruin his career and he'll eat for a day. (Interestingly enough, if you teach Bangladesh how to fish, he'll eat for life.) In case you were unfamiliar, Bangladesh is best known for creating the beats for "A Milli" and that other Lil Wayne song that sounds exactly like it. Last year, he told a magazine writer that Swizz Beatz was "irrelevant." That's a weird thing to say, considering that Swizz is, well, everywhere, and that word is usually reserved for people who you are rarely heard from. (Bangladesh, for example!)

Well, Swizz didn't like the sound of that, so he called Bangladesh "a clown." Feeling the walls closing in around him, Bangladesh then said that he'd been taken out of context, that he'd never said that at all. It's a funny thing about recorded interviews: they're recorded. So, the tape came out, and—wouldn't you know it—tape don't lie. Bangladesh do, though.