Craziest request: Lots of bacon

Nothing says "one of the most successful crossover metal bands in history" like bacon, right? RIGHT? Well, it should, because that's exactly what these guys want when they hit your venue. In fact, it's so important that they want it available for every single meal of the day. But that's not the case for some of the guys on the crew, as they are vegetarians. Why did we point that out? Because Metallica makes that point explicitly in their 24-page tour rider that also outlines the way they want alcohol sales handled, the band's insurance policy, and more than you can imagine.

Full list of items: Hot breakfast for 100 people that includes A LOT of fresh fruit, two gallons of every juice you can think of, nine or so different brands of cereal, assorted sodas and Gatorade flavors, hot coffee that must be kept up, and much more.