July 8, 2012 will be forever remembered as the day the Based Manifesto was officially chartered. Lil B had countless unforgettable Twitter rants this year alone (the infamous ant invasion, why people shouldn't hold in their farts), but this one was truly special.

There are a lot of undeniably goofy characteristics of the enigmatic Young Based God, and it's okay to laugh with him sometimes. But at his core, Brandon McCartney is a man who deeply and guilelessly strives to change the world through based positivity, and this day's speech—which lasted over an hour—expressed his undying optimism for humanity.

On very rare occasion, he has claimed that for brief periods of time, the Based God is speaking through Lil B to issue edicts to his Twitter followers. I initially found this to be sweet and cheeky, but as I read the Based Manifesto in real time, I literally felt chills, and it felt like I really might be reading something being broadcast from somewhere not of this world.

I revisit this speech in times of emotional need, and it makes me feel more whole. Thank you Based God. [Entire transcript below.]