As Tity Boi, he was ignored. Sure, he and his recording partner Dolla Boy had some success with "Duffle Bag Boy," but they were largely shoved to the back of Ludacris' DTP roster (behind Chingy, Shawnna, and I-20). After middling success, he dropped off the label and out of consciousness, lost in the sands of time.

But then he was back with a new name and with a force never felt before: his Twitter account seemed to develop over 100,000 followers overnight. (Now, it has well over a million.) Def Jam, his former label, came calling again, making him a priority for the first time; "SIMILAC," he once screamed, which now just sounds like cash registers going off. People dress like him! Kids love him, even though he's more than double their age.

Over the past two years, 2 Chainz went from nowhere to everywhere, a gimmicky add-on to songs released by everyone from Drake to Kreayshawn to PSY, and though he's not officially on G.O.O.D. Music, he might as well be. Whereas no one used to mention him, now he's got tens of thousands of white girls screaming his catchphrases.