In director David Chase's Not Fade Away, out this Friday, a bunch of kids from New Jersey form a band and pursue their dreams of rock stardom. It's the mid-1960s, and the protagonists are inspired by The Rolling Stones, the bad boys of rock 'n' roll.

The Stones weren't just pushing the boundaries of popular music at that time, they were also pioneering what it meant to be rock stars. The drugs, the fashion, the extravagance, the indulgence, and, of course, the groupies.

The girls are what it's all about, right? Well, there's a case to be made for the music, but consider this: The dudes responsible for some of the all-time greatest rock music got a lot of groupies. And the dudes responsible for some of the all-time worst rock music also got a lot of groupies. Fame, fortune, artistic achievement and immortality, none of it is guaranteed in the rock star game.

But a girl waiting outside your dressing room after the show? Happens every time.

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