The 10 Best Guilty Pleasure Songs of 2012

10. Psy "Gangnam Style"

Album: PSY 6, Part 1
Producer: Park Jae-Sang, Yoo Gun Hyung
Label: YG, School Boy, Universal Republic

We know, everyone hates this song now. But seriously: Show some respect. Not since Amadeus rocked us and Los del Rio made us do the "Macarena" has a pop star dropped in from another country with a non-English song and totally dominated shit on the level that Psy did this year.

New Billboard rules even made "Gangnam Style" the No. 1 rap song in America for a time in the Fall, and last week it became the first video to clock ONE BILLION views on YouTube. It's useless to have a problem with a song this massive. Dude won. Hello, globalization.

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