After 20,000 submissions from 126 countries, 10 lucky winners of the Beats by Dre Show Your Color contest have been chosen. And this is one unique crew. Hailing from London, New York, China, South Korea, and elsewhere, and with aspirations ranging from music to dance to modern art to being a celebrity stylist, this group is both eclectic and electric.

The winners were flown to LA to take part in a Beats by Dre commercial, as members of the Beats Army. There, they had the incredible experience of meeting and hanging with Dr. Dre and to talk about their dreams, how they can stand out as individuals, and how they can inspire lifestyle and culture on a global scale.

Click on the video above to get a look at the commercial the Beats Army came up with (it also features cameos from the likes of LeBron and Lil' Wayne). And for more on the Show Your Color contest and the Beats Army, be sure to visit the Beats By Dre Facebook page. Being true to yourself pays off. It sure did for these 10.