According to TMZ, 17-year-old Chassan Rasagi filed a report with San Antonio police claiming that he was attacked on stage at a recent Odd Future concert and was beaten up severely. According to TMZ sources, Rasagi jumped on stage, then was pushed back into the crowd by OF rapper Hodgy Beats. The crowd then pushed him back up onto the stage, and various members of Odd Future attacked him.

Rasagi claims the attack caused lacerations to his head, scratches, and burns. He also claims he suffered two seizures. TMZ says that in addition to filing the police report, he is planning to sue.

Following TMZ's report, Odd Future's camp came out today saying that Rasagi threw the first punch, which matches up with what TMZ reported some people in the crowd said as well. They took screenshots from Rasagi's Twitter account where he acknowledged that he threw the first punch via a re-tweet, and also screenshots of tweets from his account where he bragged about being on TMZ and wrote about starting his own clothing line. Odd Future says Rasagi is just trying to get money from them. 

See the re-tweet screenshot below, and also footage from the on stage incident, and stay tuned for more information on this case as it develops.


[via TMZ and Pitchfork]