DGainz: “Hype Williams shot that video. That one too, the lighting that he did, it was like a real nighttime video. I think that was one of the best car-driving scenes I’ve ever seen in a video. The lights, it looked like they was on a strip, Vegas or something. But how the lighting was in that video at night was crazy.

“It had a crazy performance shot I liked in the video when it had a black backdrop but he had glow lights bouncing off of it.

“[I haven't tried that myself.] Not yet. I actually just did one. I think I did one video, playing with the lighting. It was 2 of Diamonds, ‘Train.’ We had a little bit of lighting in that. I just did a new one with this artist, Jay2 where I play with the lighting a little bit. 

“You have to give replay value. You gotta make the video worth watching. It’s all about angles and lights more than anything. Your editing gotta be on point and the video has to match the feel of the song. You gotta make the people watch the video more than they want to listen to the song.

“Like I said with the ‘A Bay Bay’ song, you got a crazy visual, you can make people like the song."

Any other videos you'd like to talk about?

“Nah I already gave ‘em too much.”