DGainz: “Hype Williams did that video, he got some crazy shots in that video. I just like Hype Williams’ color, like the texture of his videos. He be having a real nice soft focus to his videos and the crazy-ass slow-mo. He got a lot of nice B-roll in the video, that’s what really stood out to me.

“He did a split-screen thing where the letter-box which would usually be black, he put actually shots of the video, like put clips into the letter-box. It made it look crazy, so like two videos of the same song at once.

“I never [tried that] it in a video. I did a little bit, matter of fact, in a video I did for Chris Mille called ‘This Is Practice.’ But I never really did it because that was Hype’s signature look, so I really never wanted to take. I take what I can from anything, I learn and watch and some of it will rub off on me. But I never want to take somebody’s style.”