DGainz: “I fell in love with the song when I first heard it. The Lex Luger beat was so cold, so I fell in love with the song first. When I heard there was a video, I had to check it out. In the video it was like you would expect with him having a major label deal and all that, that he would do probably something more upscale.
“But it was real grimy, in the hood and the trap house. Nothing too much and it just went perfect. It faded perfectly into the club scene towards the end. It was like real hood and it fit right with it.

“And whoever edited it..that’s what stood out in that video to me, the editing. Like in sync with the beat. Whoever edited it, they edited it to the music. That’s like really what I do, I edit it to the feel of the music, the vibe of the music. Whatever I get from the music.

“That’s why I like shooting videos for music that I like, because if I don’t feel it, I can’t get 100-percent behind it. I can’t give it my all, because I’m not feeling the music, so I can’t really edit how I want.”