DGainz: “I remember the first time I seen it, it was being premiered on MTV. Like a World Premiere on MTV2. I remember it just caught my attention. I just heard the song playing and I’m like, ‘Damn, what’s this?’ It was like a preview that kept playing all day. I remember being excited to see the full product.

“The director got the video so nice. Basically the shots and angles that the director got, and the color and the whole vibe it just went perfectly with the song. It was a song about rims but it wasn’t over-flashy. They didn’t pull out Lamborghinis but still, he was stunting but he kept it subtle.  People still gonna relate to it, it was still hood. That hood-rich type of style.

“I like the angles that the director gets. It kind of rubbed off on me, but I spinned it in my own way.”