DGainz: “Missy always has some over-the-top visuals, that’s why I like her. I tweeted the other day, she actually tweeted me back, like ‘Thanks.’ And I ain’t even tweet her, I just brought it up. I tweeted like, ‘Missy Elliott is a genius,’ and she tweeted me back, so that was crazy.

“But the video is like real over-the-top and it was like random. I remember her being in the cornfields, and he song, “Pass That Dutch” is really about smoking! [laughs] And I remember the visual being real over-the-top and having some crazy special effects. The dances they were doing really stood out to me.

“I’m really not a fan of over-the-top videos, I like simple stuff. But in Missy’s case, I think she’s the only one that can pull it off. And Dave Meyers, I’m a real big fan of Dave Meyers. He did a lot of videos for Missy. He’s got that effect, it’s like that Sin City-like feel to it. His lights, he’s got a real good lighting effect that he used. It look kind of gothic in a way. His videos be real over-the-top, but not too much. It fit right with it.”