DGainz: “That video was crazy. Ludacris always had some crazy visuals and the video gave exactly what the song was talking about: the southern hospitality. It felt southern, from his hood. I remember it being a real crispy clear visual, for it to be like back then, and the camera may not be real clear.

“I forgot who directed the video...but I know he did a lot of videos that I like. Just the song went perfectly with the visual. It was a real funny video, I like videos with a little humor in it. I like Ludacris, because I like a rapper who’s not scared to be him, that stands out without having to be too... screaming and be all, you know, how you gotta be with your chest puffed out.

“Ludacris definitely got a little humor to his music. I just like the humor in the video, it’s real animated. It’s hood but animated."