DGainz: “I grew up on Michael Jackson, so I’m a big fan of videos that got dancing in it. I liked the dancing in the video, like two-step that they were doing and that shit. The lights that they had in the background, they had some nice...like I don’t know if it was some type of light bulbs that may have given it like a real good picture....

“I forgot the term that I’m looking for, and it had some nice special effects. It was simple special effects but like when he was standing in the middle and the violins were flying or like when T.I. was performing, like the rubber bands.

“My favorite producer made the beat, Timbaland. So it was overall a good song and video.”

“Nah, I’ve never done [videos that focused on dancing]. I actually wanna do that but people be scared to dance. That’s why I like working with Tink, she wasn’t scared to dance. She danced in that video.”