DGainz: “What made like that, again, is like the energy. I actually didn’t even like the song at first. I remember hearing it on the radio and they used to just keep putting it on and I was like, ‘I hate this record.’ When I seen the video, it was just like, ‘Damn!’ It was just real hood and real grimy but fun. I remember liking the dances that they were doing in the video and it made me like the song. I honestly didn’t like the song at first, until I saw the video.

“The energy. He had some dope angles, the same director that did the “Get Buck” and the Rich Boy ‘Throw Some Ds’ did that video. Bernard [Gourley].

"I remember when I was younger, when I used to watch those videos, I had a notebook with my favorite directors’ names. I think I've actually still got the notebook. I would write the director's name at the top and I would list all my favorite videos from the director that way. That was before I was even shooting videos, I just used to love videos so much. 

“His stills [were distinctive]. His B-roll, he had some crazy B-roll. Like the performance was good but I remember watching his videos and the b-roll footage, like the miscellaneous footage. It wasn’t shot to be so nice. So that’s what really stood out about his videos to me.”