If you have to pick the sexiest woman in the rap game, it's no question that Nicki Minaj wins. Men the world over fantasize about her—from the ass to the attitude—and lucky for us, she encourages it with an endless stream of racy, suggestive music. Surely the secrets to her "kitty cat" are held somewhere in the context of her material, right?

Well, Nicki released Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded —The Re-Up last month and on "I'm Legit" she gives a few explicit tips on how to get her in bed. We pulled lyrics from that song and others in search of all the hints Nicki's given to dudes fawning over her. Whether it's taking her shopping or giving her the keys to the Benz, she has high standards. Here's A 10-Step Guide to Having Sex With Nicki Minaj

Written by Lauren Nostro (@LAURENcynthia)

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