Alley Boy's roughneck appeal is evident in his blunt rap style: it's all about force over dexterity, bulldozing through tracks while disregarding anything resembling deftness or subtlety. As evidenced by the oddly artsy cover art to his recent The Gift of Discernment mixtape, from which "Know Bout" was culled, this single-minded aesthetic can require some unexpected maneavuering. In order to garner attention, Alley Boy has developed some unexpected skills along the way, and the beat selection and songwriting of his latest mixtape suggest he's become more and more conscientious of how he is perceived.

"Know Bout" has an unexpected... well, not grace exactly, but there is a delicacy of approach that suggests he's found a healthy balance between the all-hard-edges of his style and the more memorable songcraft necessary to frame it.