Label: Polyvinyl
Released: June 5

Imagine you and your friends on a bar crawl. You hit bar after bar until finally you stumble into an unfamiliar bar because hey, they sell alcohol. But as soon as you walk in one thing becomes abundantly clear: This bar never has, and never will, play rap music. In fact, it's obvious that this bar only plays '70s rock a.k.a. "white people music." Japandroids is what that bar plays when it wants to be "modern" and "hip."

Here's the thing, even if you don't like the songs right away, they will wear you down because the album lives up to its title. It's really a celebration, although one more focused on the smaller victories that only come around every so often. All of the songs sound like of like, "YEAH! WE'RE YOUNG! AND WE'RE HANGING OUT! LET'S ALL GET DRUNK!" Fuck it, why not? -IA