Lil Durk: "[I’m doing songs with] Yo Gotti, French Montana, Meek Mill. I’d do a song with Rick Ross. I’d do a song with Drake, Future, Gucci Mane. I like them type of artists. [As far as local artists], Lil Mouse, [King] Louie, Sly [Polaroid], Bump J.

“Everything is a process. You can’t go to someone and be like, ‘How did you do that?’ You have to see my process step-by-step. What songs I did, what shows I did to do this—I like the process. My buzz is big enough for me to go through a process.

"I’m way happier now. I used to walk around with five dollars in my pocket and now I have $5,000 in my pocket.

"Family is the most important thing right now. Everything I do is for them. You’ll see me doing TV, studios, video—everything is for them."