Lil Durk: “The A&R called me when I made I’m Still A Hitta. He told me to send it over to him so I did and Jay Boogie wanted to see me. You never go to the first label that come to you. In my head, I liked Def Jam. I didn’t need to raise no bargain—nothing. I’ll do it myself.

"We built myself up and that’s what we’re doing now. All these features and everything—I got here through word of mouth—just music, period. I ain’t got to go out and talk, be like ‘Let me pay you for this.’ Everybody reached out to me.

“[When i got signed], I was in L.A. I was recording. It was me and Lil Reese. We got signed at the same time. We was in L.A. calling everybody, everybody calling us. It was all over the Internet, the radio—I was feeling good. I’m like, '’s different now.'

"We went out to the club—I don’t remember which club. Everybody was celebrating. We were feeling good. Everybody went out."