During Miami/Fort Lauderdale's Channel 7 News coverage of the presidential election last night, one of the reporters (Blake Burman) holding it down at the Obama camp made a pretty incredible gaffe. And, funny enough, he foreshadowed the entire thing by stating that he didn't necessarily have any new information, just some footage of who he thought was Wyclef Jean speaking on the election to a U.K. television station.

As you'll see for yourself, however, the guy talking into the mic behind Burman definitely wasn't the former Fugees member. Within seconds, someone off camera tries to correct the reporter, who then incorrectly says that it's Wale. That's strike two for Burman. But he finally hears the right name and reveals that it's indeed Black Eyed Peas frontman Will.i.am giving the interview. Well, that was awkward. And hilarious.