First Place Goes to Stockholm

Another red-eye to the next city: Stockholm, Sweden. The 8-hour flight was our first real test of 777 summer camp. Swag was not an option. Everyone had to get in sweatpants, and even on-air talents removed their make-up before takeoff. I covered my face with a blanket to make sure none of the video recorders could catch me drooling. Can't have that. 

Everyone was in a good mood after landing though, because Stockholm would be the first place we'd spend the night. We checked in to our rooms, and came out dressed and ready to party. It was clear once we arrived at the venue that this show was going to be way better than Mexico City and Toronto combined. The Berns Salonger venue looked swanky and new, with crystal chandeliers lining the ceiling. The energy in the room was on a trillion, and the crowd was buzzing with the news that Kanye was in town. Would he possibly join Rihanna on stage? His remix of "Diamonds" was released only an hour prior to the show. Is this it? Her first surprise guest?

I walked around before showtime to people watch and check out local Stockholm style. There were lots of old dudes in suits, and all the women looked like Amazons—tall, beautiful, and stacked. Then out of the corner of my eye, I saw a skinny kid in a pair of Yeezy 2s. As I looked closer—leather pants, check; black hoodie, check; a denim shirt tied around the waist. Holy shit. This was a real-life "Street Detail" poster boy. I had to talk to him. "Hey, do you mind if I take a picture of you?" I asked. "Sure," he replied, unenthusiastically. Then I asked if he ever heard of Complex and his reaction changed completely. "COMPLEX? I love Complex! I read Complex Style everyday!" I beamed. WORLD TAKEOVER. Stockholm already won in my book.

Showtime. Neon lasers started beaming and Rihanna came out in a tight white tee; no custom bra this time. In fact, no bra at all. High-waisted denim shorts were buckled with a vintage Versace-esque belt, and around her neck hung a huge gold Chanel chain. She slayed the game with that one. 2 Chainz is crying right now.

She performed the same set list from the first night, hit after hit, jam after jam. But right after "All of the Lights," (which Kanye didn't come out for), she sang a ballad from her new album. This was only her second time performing the emotionally charged "Stay," the first time being on Saturday Night Live last weekend. She moved right into "Diamonds," and again, Kanye was nowhere to be found. Ah well. Not disappointing at all though, because this show was still the best of three so far. She seemed more energized, despite our crazy tour schedule, most likely from the crowd showing her a wild amount of love. But when she didn't show up to her own after-party in the basement club downstairs, I knew she was sleep-deprived like the rest of us.

Today, we fly out to Paris for show number four. Part two of my experience on the 777 Tour to come soon.

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