Year: 2002
Album: Built From Scratch

While the X-Men aren’t rappers, they are a legendary NYC DJ crew who, like any authentic hip-hop outfit, draw their musical influences from everywhereclassical, jazz, disco, funk, superhero soundtracks, and of course— oh yesrock, baby. Nu-metal pioneers Linkin Park, for their part, are all over this list, in this case lending guitars and Mike Shinoda raps to turntablist wizardry by Rob Swift, Roc Raida and crew, who go all Slice-o-matic on original Brad Delson powerchords.

It’s one special moment (among many) on the X-ecutioners’ memorable 2002 LP, Built from Scratch, which also contains the cranker “Let It Bang” featuring M.O.P. goin’ nuts (as M.O.P. does) on a bangin’ rock track created by the X-Men out of samples which (allegedly) include the guitar from AC/DC’s “Flick of the Switch” that Rick Rubin and LL immortalized on “Rock the Bells."