Year: 1991
Album: Apocalypse '91...The Enemy Strikes Black

Hardcore PE fans Scott Ian & Co. had to be crapping their pants when Chuck D actually greenlighted this metal remake of the classic from PE’s breakthrough album Nation of Millionsespecially since they’re (oddly) mentioned on the original track. PE’s core fan base bristled understandably (come on, white guys rapping on a PE album?). But the thrash rockers who grew up in NYC during hip-hop’s genesis made Chuck an offer he couldn’t refuse. The resultfeatured on Anthrax's Attack of the Killer B's and PE's Apocalypse 91… The Enemy Strikes Blackexploded onto Sony Walkmans everywhere, sealing the deal for a match of hard rock and hardcore rap made in headbanging heaven that provided Chuck with the platform to school a whole new audience.