Year: 1997
Album: I Got Next

An early blueprint for today’s blazin’ hip-hop-n-R&B formula of hardcore rap verses mixed with hot-chick-sounding choruses, it’s somehow still shocking to find out that this track was produced by the artist formerly known as…Puffy? Sounding like liquid candy on the intro and chorus, new wave classic rocker Harry parodies her ‘80s hit “Rapture” (“…for emceeeeeees and deee-jaaaaays…”)itself one of the first Top 40 hits to use rap and throw shine to hip-hop. But this cut is really all about the Blastmaster in vintage form ripping the hottest track off his bestselling solo LP, I Got Next (Double Up), which also included the hard-rock collabo “Just to Prove a Point” with Peter Mengede of metal punkers Helmet.